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Nelson Betancourt
Executive Director
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Flavia Farina
Gabriel de Souza
Irene Zabytko
Orlando Alfaro
Gustavo Parra
Vernon Becker
Nelson Betancourt
Jason Neff
Sue Thompson
Angelica Figueroa


The Cultural Bill of Rights

1. The right to our heritage--the right to explore music, literature, drama, painting, and dance that define both our nation's collective experience and our individual and community traditions.
2. The right to the prominent presence of artists in public life--through their art and the incorporation of their voices and artistic visions into democratic debate.
3. The right to an artistic life--the right to the knowledge and skills needed to play a musical instrument, draw, dance, compose, design, or otherwise live a life of active creativity.
4. The right to be represented to the rest of the world by art that fairly and honestly communicates America's democratic values and ideals.
5. The right to know about and explore art of the highest quality and to the lasting truths embedded in those forms of expression that have survived, in many lands, through the ages.
6. The right to healthy arts enterprises that can take risks and invest in innovation while serving communities and the public interest. --Bill Ivey

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